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Meetings with Archbishop

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 10:46 am
by Frank Tremblay
I would appreciate any commentary on clergy meetings with the Archbishop, to which Deacons are invited, yet scheduled for mid-day during the work week.

The upcoming meeting for the Southern Region at St. Patrick's in Natick is a prime example. Another might be the Chrism Mass, if this was at 7PM instead of 11AM I am sure more Deacons would participate. As Sean's invitation says, "This is an expression of the unity and collaboration which all ordained ministers - bishops, priests, and deacons, have with the Archbishop". Deacons would welcome the opportunity to express that unity but they are denied that opportunity because of when it is scheduled.

Is this an issue the Deacon Council would bring to the appropriate people who plan the Archbishop's schedule so that more Deacons could participate in these types of events?